Influencers to promote your brand

Influencers to promote your brand

Have you ever thought about how to connect with top Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter influencers to promote your brand? Trendfeedz makes it possible! We develop a top-notch platform which works as a meeting point for brands and influencers.

All in all, Trendfeedz is a place where brands wanting to promote themselves can meet influencers in their niche who wish to make some good money because of their popularity.

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Campaigns with buzz, no fizz, and all results

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Build Social Buzz

Build Social Buzz

Work with original and real content creators to get people talking and generate buzz around your band through posts, blogs, videos and feeds.

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Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

Curate content organically via influencers to engage more and more people across social circles who help your brand reach to a larger audience.

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stablish Credibility

Establish Credibility

When you work with real influencers on Stori Digital, your band equity goes up as trusted voices share their unbiased views about their experience with your brand.

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See how you can run the campaign under 5 minutes

How it works

01 Explore a diverse group of influencers

We have over 30,000 influencers ranging from leading bloggers and social media personalities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube, to vernacular content creators, A-list celebrities and publications.

02 Invite real influencers that match your requirement

Invite influencers who are the closest match to your brand persona based on over 25 interest categories, location-specific targeting or influencer and audience demographics to participate in your curated campaign.

03 Kick start the campaign

The Stori Digital team will collaborate closely between you and the influencers to get the campaign going so that you can focus on business objectives.

04 Review the impact and response

Get real-time updates on the status of your campaign and its impact so that you can evaluate its effectiveness at any point of time.